If you are unhappy with dental imperfections that make you feel self-conscious or embarrassed about your smile, consider undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatment with JoAnn Martens, DDS. Dr. Stukenberg is a friendly, experienced dentist who offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatment options, from cosmetic bonding, which can transform your smile in about an hour, or porcelain crowns to full mouth restorations (smile makeovers). With the following cosmetic dentistry treatments, you can transform your less-than-perfect smile into a healthy, radiant one that you can feel proud of.
In addition to offering uniquely personalized dental care, Dr. Stukenberg caters to patients who have been avoiding going to the dentist due to their fear of undergoing dental treatment.

One Day Dentistry
These photos below show our latest smile enhancement success story that we accomplished through cosmetic bonding in just one office visit, in a few hours.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Stukenberg and his team perform take-home teeth-whitening treatments to lighten stains and brighten discolored teeth, in about two weeks.
You will start by having impressions taken of the upper arch or lower arch or both, depending on your preference. The in-office lab will fabricate your whitening trays, and you will return within a day or two to pick up your take-home whitening kit. You will be given instructions on how to achieve a successful result as well as how to keep your whitening trays clean. Patients are usually able to complete the whitening process to a satisfactory whiter shade and still have whitening gel left over to use for occasional touch up applications. Touch-up whitening kits are always available for purchase at the office that you can use to maintain your beautiful results.


For patients with minor dental imperfections, Dr. Stukenberg may recommend dental veneer treatment. Dr. Stukenberg puts porcelain veneers over the front surface of teeth, to conceal small imperfections, such as cracked, chipped or oddly shaped teeth or deeply set stains on the teeth that do not respond to teeth-whitening treatment.


Placing porcelain dental crowns is another effective way to conceal dental imperfections. Dental crowns are placed over the top of a prepared tooth to bolster decaying teeth or to improve the look of cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged teeth.

Full Mouth Restorations

For patients with multiple aesthetic concerns, Dr. Stukenberg might recommend a full mouth restoration, or a smile makeover. As the name suggests, a full mouth restoration involves using several cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore the look of the patient’s entire smile.

About JoAnn Martens’ DDS

JoAnn Marten’s DDS offers concierge dental care in a boutique-style practice. Most of our patients come here as a result of a word-of-mouth referral from a friend or family member. Dr. JoAnn Martens is the proud recipient of the Waunakee Tribune’s Readers’ Choice “Best Dentist” and “Best Customer Service” awards, which she has received for the past four years.
Thanks to our concierge-style approach to dentistry, our dentist are able to work with you on a one-on-one basis — from your first dental appointment to your final follow-up visit — to ensure that all your oral health and cosmetic dentistry goals are achieved. We refer patients to an endodontist for root canals or a periodontist for major gum issues, so you can be assured that you are receiving the best care and treatment results from specialists that we trusts, who treat your type of issues every day, all day. Our main focus is the patient experience and offering nothing but the very best in treatment and customer service.

Start Loving Your Smile

Thanks to Dr. Stukenberg’s expertise in cosmetic dentistry, your dental imperfections don’t have to get you down in the mouth. He will evaluate your smile and oral health and customize an appropriate cosmetic dentistry treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic and dental health goals.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Stukenberg and start on your way to loving your smile, contact his office today by calling (608) 849-4424. We are always accepting new patients!