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This is what we do and why we do it well

Hey Everybody,

Thanks for the attached x-ray I was able to give it to the new dentist. You’ll have to let everyone know it was an emotional day at the dentist this past Tuesday.  I had such great memories of my times as a client of Dr Martens and I was flooded with wonderful emotions in regards to all of you that I met in my 23 years as a patient. I was crying for goodness sakes it was so emotional for me. Please let everyone know they made a huge impact on my life even if it was just 2 times out of the year, you are all great people and you all felt like family. Just another hurdle in my new life here in Colorado. Thanks again to everyone who made my experience with you very genuine.
Love ya all,
(Katie moved to Colorado and we really miss her beautiful personality and her dazzling smile)